Our USS O’Brannon Shipmate’s Association includes all three ships that carried the name O’Bannon: DD-177, DD/DDE-450 and DD-987. We are looking forward to continuing the Assciation into the future with new memberships from the DD-987 sailors by adding you to our roster so that you receive the Quarterly Newsletter and future reunion mailings and updates.

To join please send a check for $20.00  to:

USS O’Bannon Shipmates Association
Donna Lively, Treasurer
6824 S. Fitzgerald St.
Tampa, FL  33616
… with the following form filled out:

Your Name: ________________________________

Spouse Name: _____________________________

Address: ___________________________________

City: ______________________________

Zip: ________

Phone: ____________________________________

eMail: ___________________________________________

Years you served aboard the O’Bannon: __________

This will cover your membership until Dec. 31, 2017